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2006-2010 Nankai University, B.S.

2010-2015 Rutgers University, Ph.D.

2015.9-2018.3 Postdoc, University of California, Santa Barbara

2018.5-2020.5 Research assistant professor, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

2020.5-now, Assistant professor, ShanghaiTech University


Research Interest

I am interested in various directions in condensed matter theory and materials science, including but not limited to theories and first principles calculations of topological materials, twisted and moire 2D systems, magnetism and magnetic materials etc. I am also interested in developing and applying first-principles methods in computing electronic structures and transport properties of solid-state systems. Recently I have been mostly working on theories of band topology and correlation effects in twisted 2D van der Waals materials and magnetic topological materials.


Select Publications

1. Experimental evidence for orbital magnetic moments   generated by moire-scale current loops in twisted bilayer graphene. Si-Yu Li,   Yu Zhang, Ya-Ning Ren, Jianpeng Liu*, Xi Dai, Lin   He*, arXiv:1912.13133

2. Correlated insulating states   and the quantum anomalous Hall phenomena at all integer fillings of twisted   bilayer graphene. Jianpeng Liu*, and Xi Dai*,   arXiv:1911.03760v2

3.  Anomalous Hall effect, magneto-optical   properties, and nonlinear optical properties of twisted graphene systems. Jianpeng Liu*, and Xi Dai, arXiv:1907.08932, accepted by   npj Computational Materials.

4. Quantum valley Hall effect,   orbital magnetism, and anomalous Hall effect in twisted graphene multilayers.   Jianpeng Liu*, Zhen Ma, Jinhua Gao, and Xi Dai, Phys.   Rev. X 9, 031021 (2019)

5. Pseudo-Landau-level representation of twsited bilayer graphene:   band topology and implications on the correlated insulating phases. Jianpeng Liu*, Junwei Liu, and Xi Dai, Phys. Rev. B 99,   155415 (2019)

6. A unidirectional charge order in (Sr1-xLax)3Ir2O7 revealed by   polarized Raman spectroscopy. W. Jin, S. Li, J. Liu, Q. Han, Z. Porter, C. Peterson, I. Boulares1, K.   Sun, R. Merlin, S. D. Wilson, L. Zhao, Phys. Rev. B, 99, 041109 (2019)

7. Floquet spin and spin-orbital Hamiltonians and   doublon-holon generations in periodically driven Mott insulators. Kasra Hejazi, Jianpeng Liu, Leon Balents, Phys. Rev. B 99, 205111   (2019)

8. Singular angular magnetoresistance and   spontaneous symmetry breaking in a magnetic nodal semimetal. T. Suzuki, L.   Savary, J. Liu, J. W. Lynn, L. Balents, and   J. G. Checkelsky, Science, eaat0348 (2019)

9.   Floquet engineering of multi-orbital Mott insulators: applications to   orthorhombic titanates.Jianpeng Liu*, Kasra Hejazi, and   Leon Balents, Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 107201 (2018)

10. Anomalous Hall effect and topological defects in   antiferromagnetic Weyl semimetals: Mn3Sn/Ge. Jianpeng Liu and Leon Balents, Phys. Rev. Lett. 119,   087202 (2017)

11. Electronic structure of the metastable epitaxial rock-salt SnSe   {111} topological crystalline insulator. W. Jin, S. Vishwanath, J. Liu, L. Kong, R. Lou, Z. Dai, J. T. Sadowski, X. Liu,   H. Lien, J. Ma, T. Qian, J. I. Dadap, K. Pohl, S. Wang, J. Furdyna, H. Ding,   H. G. Xing, and R. M. Osgood, Jr, Phys. Rev. X, 7, 041020 (2017)

12.   Correlation effects and quantum oscillations in topological nodal-loop   semimetals. Jianpeng Liu* and Leon Balents, Phys. Rev. B, 95 075426 (2017)

13. Flux states and   topological phases from spontaneous time-reversal symmetry breaking in   CrSi(Ge)Te3-based systems. Jianpeng Liu*,   Se Young Park, Kevin F. Garrity and David Vanderbilt, Phys. Rev. Lett. 117,   257201(2016)

14. Topological   nodal-line semimetals in alkaline-earth stannides, germanides and silicides. Huaqing   Huang, Jianpeng Liu, David Vanderbilt and Wenhui Duan, Phys.   Rev. B . 93, 201114 (2016)

15. Tunable Inverse   topological heterostructures utilizing (BixIn1-x)2Se3 and multichannel weak-antilocalization   effects. M. Brahlek, N. Koirala, J. Liu, T.   I. Yusufaly, M. Salehi, M. Han, Y. Zhu, D. Vanderbilt, and S. Oh, Phys. Rev.   B 93, 125416 (2016)

16. Gauge-discontinuity   contributions to Chern-Simons orbital magnetoelectric coupling. Jianpeng Liu and David Vanderbilt, Phys. Rev. B 92 (24),   245138 (2015)

17.  Weyl semimetals from noncentrosymmetric   topological insulators. Jianpeng Liu*   and David Vanderbilt, Phys. Rev. B 90, 155316 (2014). Editors' suggestion in   PRB.

18. Nontrivial Z2   Topology in Bismuth-based III-V Compounds. Huaqing Huang, Jianpeng Liu and Wenhui Duan, Phys. Rev. B 90, 195105   (2014)

19. Spin-orbit   spillage as a measure of band inversion in insulators. Jianpeng Liu and David Vanderbilt, Phys. Rev. B 90, 125133   (2014)

20. Topological   phase transitions in (Bi1-xInx)2Se3 and (Bi1-xSbx)2Se3. Jianpeng Liu and David Vanderbilt, Phys. Rev. B 88,   224202 (2013)


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