SPST Professor Wins Magnolia Silver Award


Recently, School of Physical Sciences and Technology (SPST) Professor Osamu Terasaki, director of Center for High-resolution Electron Microscopy (C?EM), was awarded the 2018 Magnolia Silver Award in recognition of his positive contributions to Shanghai’s economic and social development, especially for fostering international exchange of advanced technology.

Professor Terasaki is a world-renowned scientist in the field of electron microscopes. He has built a long history of friendship with Chinese academics since the 90's and was awarded the Friendship Award in 2003. In 2015 Professor Terasaki was invited to take the lead in building a brand-new electron microscopy center at ShanghaiTech University. He devoted himself to his work and has contribute much effort in the past 3 three years.Under his guidance and coordination of the whole university's functional departments, an advanced electron microscopy research and a well-equipped teaching center pushing the frontiers of scientific research has begun to take shape. The Center for High-Resolution Electron Microscopy (ChEM) was inaugurated on May 27th to 29th of this year in in concurrence with an international electron microscopy forum at SPST.

Through his work at ShanghaiTech, Professor Terasaki has not only built a solid foundation for the development and applications of new electron microscopy techniques, but he’s also inspired the next generations of world-class researchers and enhanced international scientific exchange. My aim in ShanghaiTech is two-folds,” Terasaki said. “One is to provide a platform to develop a top international program on fine structures analysis at atomic scale for electron beam sensitive materials; Second is to stimulate the next generation, not only by providing knowledge but also giving practical training in electron microscope.  Professor Terasaki said.

Named after the city flower of Shanghai, the Magnolia Award was set up by the Foreign Affairs Office of the Shanghai Municipal Government in 1989. It has become one of the top awards to foreign individuals who have made outstanding contributions to Shanghai's economic development, social progress and international exchange and cooperation. ShanghaiTech iHuman Institute Founding Director Dr. Raymond C. Stevens was also awarded the Magnolia Silver Award last year.


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