SPST Hosts 2nd ShanghaiTech Advances in Research Symposium


ShanghaiTech’s School of Physical Sciences and Technology (SPST) hosted the second ShanghaiTech Advances in Research Symposium (STAR 2017) from June 21st to 23rd. The symposium focused on Energy, Materials, and Environment Science and gathered some of the most renowned researchers in the world to exchange research advances with the growing ShanghaiTech research community. During the three-day symposium, world-class experts and young faculty members from home and abroad made in-depth academic exchanges on relevant issues.

The plenary speakers included Professor Michael Graetzel (EPFL, Switzerland), Professor Omar Yaghi, Professor Jeffrey R. Long, and Professor Junqiao Wu (UC-Berkeley); Professor Gang Chen (MIT), Professor Xiaoyang Zhu (Columbia University), Professor Jean-Maire Tarascon (Collège de France, France), Professor Yang Yang (UCLA), Dr. Jun Liu (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory), Professor Yi Cui (Stanford University), and Professor Rodney S. Ruoff (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, Korea). Representing ShanghaiTech, Assistant Professors Zhang Yuebiao, Mi Qixi, Xue Jiamin and Professor Rene Lopez presented their latest research work and results. The presentations provided a broad perspective on current research and educational developments for the 400 participants from China and abroad. In addition, an interactive poster session was presented on the afternoon of the 22nd.

The symposium was a successful event that fulfilled its goal of deepening the relationship between ShanghaiTech and the international research community and strengthening a base for further bilateral cooperation.


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