Yi Yu


Yi Yu    Assistant Professor、PI
InstituteSchool of Physical Science and Technology
Research AreaElectron Microscopy, Atomic Structure of Materials
Contact Info.yuyi1@@shanghaitech.edu.cn

2004.9-2008.7, B.S., Materials Physics, University of Science and Technology Beijing
2008.9-2013.7, Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University
2014.1-2017.1, Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Chemistry, University of California Berkeley
2017.1-present, Assistant Professor、PI, School of Physical Science and Technology, ShanghaiTech University 

Research Interests
1. Materials: Structural study of materials using advanced electron microscopy, unraveling the relationship between the structure and physical/chemical property on atomic-level. The interested materials include halide perovskite, lithium ion battery, etc.
2. Methods: Development of experimental and theoretical methods on atomic-level imaging and spectroscopy.     

Selected Publications

Independent Publications:


1. E. Shi#, B. Yuan#, S. B. Shiring, Y. Gao, Akriti, Y. Guo, C. Su, M. Lai, P. Yang, J. Kong, B. M. Savoie*, Y. Yu*, L. Dou*. Two-dimensional Halide Perovskite Lateral Epitaxial Heterostructures. Nature 580, 614, 2020. 

2. B. Yuan, E. Shi, C. Liang, L. Dou, Y. Yu*. Structural Damage of Two-Dimensional Organic-Inorganic Halide Perovskites. Inorganics 8, 13, 2020.

3. S. Xia, X. Zhang, C. Liang, Y. Yu, W. Liu. Stabilized Lithium Metal Anode by An Efficient Coating for High-performance Li–S Batteries. Ener. Stor. Mater. 24, 329, 2020.


1. Y. Gao, E. Shi, S. Deng, S. B. Shiring, J. M. Snaider, C. Liang, B. Yuan, R. Song, S. M. Janke, A. Liebman-Pelaez, P. Yoo, M. Zeller, B. W. Boudouris, P. Liao, C. Zhu, V. Blum, Y. Yu, B. M. Savoie, L. Huang, L. Dou. Molecular Engineering of Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Perovskites Quantum Wells. Nature Chem. 11, 1151, 2019.

2. Y. Yu*. Towards Atomic-scale Electron Microscopy Characterization of Single Molecular Catalysts. Catalysis Today 10.1016/j.cattod.2019.06.072, 2019.

3. C. Liang, Y. Yu*. Understanding The Formation of Multiply Twinned Structure in Decahedral Intermetallic Nanoparticles. IUCrJ 6, 447, 2019.

4. X. Wu, S. Xia, Y. Huang, X. Hu, B. Yuan, S. Chen, Y. Yu, W. Liu. High-Performance, Low-Cost, and Dense-Structure Electrodes with High Mass Loading for Lithium-Ion Batteries. Adv. Func. Mater, 1903961, 2019.

5. S. He, L. Chen, J. Cui, B. Yuan, H. Wang, F. Wang, Y. Yu, Y. Lee, T. Li. General Way To Construct Micro- and Mesoporous Metal-Organic Framework-Based Porous Liquids. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 141, 19708, 2019.

6. D. Zhao, Z. Chen, W. Yang, S. Liu, X. Zhang, Y. Yu, W.-C. Cheong, L. Zheng, F. Ren, G. Ying, X. Cao, D. Wang, Q. Peng, G. Wang, C. Chen. MXene (Ti3C2) Vacancy-Confined Single-Atom Catalyst for Efficient Functionalization of CO2. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 141, 4086, 2019.

7. E. Shi, S. Deng, B. Yuan, Y. Gao, Akriti, L. Yuan, C. S. Davis, D. Zemlyanov, Y. Yu, L. Huang, L. Dou. Extrinsic and Dynamic Edge States of Two-Dimensional Lead Halide Perovskites. ACS Nano 13, 1635, 2019.

8. S. He, H. Wang, C. Zhang, S. Zhang, Y. Yu, Y. Lee, T. Li. A generalizable method for the construction of MOF@polymer functional composites through surface-initiated atom transfer radical polymerization. Chemical Science 10, 1816, 2019.


1. H. Zhang, H. Liu, Z. Tian, D. Lu, Y. Yu, S. Cestellos-Blanco, K. K. Sakimoto, P. Yang. Bacteria photosensitized by intracellular gold nanoclusters for solar fuel production. Nature Nano. 13, 900, 2018.

2. Q. Kong, W. Lee, M. Lai, C. G. Bischak, G. Gao, A. B. Wong, T. Lei, Y. Yu, L. –W. Wang, N. S. Ginsberg, P. Yang. Phase-transition-induced p-n junction in single halide perovskite nanowire. PNAS 115, 8889, 2018.

3. M. Hu, S. Zhao, S. Liu, C. Chen, W. Chen, W. Zhu, C. Liang, W.-C. Cheong, Y. Wang, Y. Yu, Q. Peng, K. Zhou, J. Li, Y. Li. MOF-Confined Sub-2 nm Atomically Ordered Intermetallic PdZn Nanoparticles as High-Performance Catalysts for Selective Hydrogenation of Acetylene. Adv. Mater. 30, 1801878, 2018.

4. T. Lei, M. Lai, Q. Kong, D. Lu, W. Lee, L. Dou, V. Wu, Y. Yu, P. Yang. Electrical and Optical Tunability in All-Inorganic Halide Perovskite Alloy Nanowires. Nano Lett. 18, 3538, 2018.

5. A. B. Wong, Y. Bekenstein, J. Kang, C. S Kley, D. Kim, N. A. Gibson, D. Zhang, Y. Yu, S. R. Leone, L. –W. Wang, A. P. Alivisatos, P. Yang. Strongly Quantum Confined Colloidal Cesium Tin Iodide Perovskite Nanoplates: Lessons for Reducing Defect Density and Improving Stability. Nano Lett. 18, 2060, 2018.


1. Y. Li, Y. Li, A. Pei, K. Yan, Y. Sun, C. –L. Wu, L. –M. Joubert, R. Chin, A. L. Koh, Y. Yu, J. Perrino, B. Butz, S. Chu, Y. Cui. Atomic Structure of Sensitive Battery Materials and Interfaces Revealed by Cryo-electron Microscopy. Science 358, 506, 2017.

Selected Publications Before 2017 (PhD and Postdoc):

1. Y. Yu, D. Zhang, P. Yang. Ruddlesden-Popper Phase in Two-Dimensional Inorganic Halide Perovskites: A Plausible Model and the Supporting Observations. Nano Lett. 17, 5489, 2017.

2. Y. Yu, D. Zhang, C. Kisielowski, L. Dou, N. Kornienko, Y. Bekenstein, A. B. Wong, A. P. Alivisatos, P. Yang. Atomic Resolution Imaging of Halide Perovskites. Nano Lett. 16, 7530, 2016.

3. D. Zhang#, Y. Yu#, Y. Bekenstein#, A. B. Wong, A. P. Alivisatos, P. Yang. Ultrathin Colloidal Cesium Lead Halide Perovskite Nanowires. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 138, 13155, 2016. (# equal contribution)

4. Z. Niu, N. Becknell, Y. Yu, D. Kim, C. Chen, N. Kornienko, G. A. Somorjai, P. Yang. Anisotropic Phase Segregation and Migration of Pt in Nanocrystals En Route to Nanoframe Catalysts. Nature Mater. 15, 1188, 2016.

5. Y. Yu, F. Cui, J. Sun, P. Yang. Atomic Structure of Ultrathin Gold Nanowires. Nano Lett. 16, 3078, 2016.

6. L. Dou#, A. B. Wong#, Y. Yu#, M. Lai, N. Kornienko, S. W. Eaton, A. Fu, C. G. Bischak, J. Ma, T. Ding, N. S. Ginsberg, L.-W. Wang, A. P. Alivisatos, P. Yang. Atomically Thin Two-dimensional Organic-inorganic Hybrid Perovskites. Science 349, 1518, 2015. (# equal contribution)

7. Y. Yu, X. Zhang, Y. G. Zhao, N. Jiang, R. Yu, J. W. Wang, C. Fan, X. F. Sun, J. Zhu. Atomic-scale Study of Topological Vortex-like Domain Pattern in Multiferroic Hexagonal Manganites. Appl. Phys. Lett. 103, 032901, 2013.


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